Pret A Diner | The Past | London Spring 2012
EVOLUZIONE VS TRADIZIONE! It’s a stroll through Italy – from the rough heights of the Alps to the endless vistas of deep blue sea. A showcase of the pure “dolce vita”: From the simplicity of fisherman’s fare with recipes that have been refined over centuries to extract the purest taste to the finesse of avant-garde cuisine that turns to science and philosophy for its inspiration – just like Galileo did nearly half a century ago. From wines that look back at centuries of tradition in Italy to cocktails that epitomize the values of our modern era. From the works of rebellious Italian street artists to the sophisticated creations of sharp-minded intellectual minds. From Italian love songs to Italian electro house DJs. No less than the final proof that “Italians do it better”. Better than “ciao bella”. Better than pasta and pizza. Better than Berlusconi. Better than machismo. Better than ever.
  • Year2012
  • CountryGreat Britain
  • CityLondon
  • Location50 St. James's Street