Pret A Diner - PRET A DINER

Food fanatics, Party animals & People collectors

Our founder KP Kofler wanted to create a restaurant where curiosities could be satisfied. He believed in rejecting the obvious and embracing the unknown, allowing their future diners to indulge themselves in a multi-sensual space, pushing the boundaries of design and food.

PRET A DINER started with an idea, one which envisioned a dining experience where Michelin starred food, masterful cocktails, art, music and people are all fused together to create a sensory experience for culture seekers wherever we land.

Not bound by buildings or borders, PRET A DINER journeys across the globe embracing new traditions; we believe there is no creation without tradition, yet no tradition without creation. Innovative experience is at the heart of our mission.

Pret a Diner creates unique settings that is only available to Patrons & Friends who share our vision. For these people, we are a home from home, a haven for Cultural Enthusiasts, Urban Explorers, Music Lovers, Food Fanatics, Party Animals and People Collectors.

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