Pret A Diner - PRET A DINER


Based on the idea of our visionary founder KP Kofler, PRET A DINER became a place where curiosities could be satisfied. He believes in rejecting the obvious and embracing the unknown, allowing their future diners to indulge themselves in a multi-sensual space, pushing the boundaries of design and food.

No creation without tradition. No tradition without creation. Innovative experience is at the heart of our mission

The avatar of stylish popup exclusivity is re-inventing itself as a “luxury for all” concept. A city-within-a-city in an abandoned bank building, downtown Frankfurt. Promising celebrity-class experience at an affordable cost. Culinary indulgence prepared by young upcoming chefs from hot restaurant brands of the capital of hospitality: London.

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Pretify your Event

Book the concept. Our team offers you the opportunity to pretify your event with the PRET A DINER concept. We support your with every detail needed to make turn your event into a journey beyond expectations. In order to pretify your event with PRET A DINER, please drop us a line: