Pret A Diner | The Past | Berlin Winter 2012
»In The Mix« says it all. To mark our return to the Alte Münze, PRET A DINER has invited a variety of chefs, artists and other partners to let the creative chaos flourish and run its crazy course. All to mark a new dining experience garnished with unexpected twists and turns. Like migrating birds, the comrades- in-arms instinctively find their way to the nest. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, they find themselves returning to the Alte Münze, the birthplace of PRET A DINER. The nest is a fitting symbol – after all, doesn’t the old coin mint resemble an open cage a little with its barred windows, steel framework and gates? PRET A DINER has lured the migrating birds – the inspiration we gathered, the friends we made on our travels around Europe – right into the aviary, a surprisingly lush, cosy and nurturing nest. When you now return to the place you so fell in love with in winter 2011, you can truly expect to expect the unexpected. Peer into every corner, explore every corridor, every room, every hour of the night. And most of all: feel at home and live every sparkling moment before it moves on and is no more than a lasting memory. //
  • Year2012
  • CountryGermany
  • CityBerlin
  • LocationAlte Münze