Pret A Diner | The Past | Berlin Winter 2011
The Melting Pot Berlin. A capital. Our capital. A melting pot of hedonists and libertines. Of seekers and creative souls. People who want to be inspired and those who inspire. Him. Her. You. Me. Us. We melt into the city. We are The Melting Pot. PRET A DINER: In the past, a trend-setting culinary experience for a private circle. Soon, a space for comrades – that appears for a moment only to be gone forever. An international team of young chefs come together for a riveting dining experience. A cuisine where neighborhood snack culture meets Michelin stars. Fresh ingredients. Seasonal. Regional. To present you the 2011 PRET A DINER collection: The Melting Pot.
  • Year2012
  • CountryGermany
  • CityBerlin
  • LocationAlte Münze