Pret A Diner | The Past | Basel 2013
SERVING THE THREE COUNTRIES CITY For our third grand escapade of the year, we’re journeying southwards to Basel, in our first visit to Switzerland. The cultural significance of Art Basel makes it the ideal spot for our spectacular pop-up restaurant, which will be located right next to the Kunsthalle in a church – yes, a church! From 8th June – 16th June we will be showcasing our sensory wares to all those who join us. With Michelin-starred chef Tim Raue and the renowned Oliver “Ollysan” Lange in the kitchen cooking up a storm, coupled with award-winning mixologist Stephan Hinz, our diners’ tastebuds will not leave disappointed. Breathe in the the works by Olivia Steele, live through the exhibitions at Art Basel and let our partner, Parisian members club, Silencio, and resident DJs, Maxology, transport you to another world from dusk until dawn.
  • Year2013
  • CountrySwitzerland
  • CityBasel
  • LocationElizabethan Church
  • Photo CreditsAmanda Nikolic
    Pete Cameron Dominkovits