Location Pret A Diner 2017 - ABS Saal in Frankfurt



A historical bank building that embodies the power and glory of an entire era. In the middle of the skyline, in the heart of the city. An extraordinary place for an extraordinary experience — Junghofstrasse 11, Deutsche Bank’s representation residence during Germany’s “Wirtschaftswunder”, or Miracle on the Rhine.

Allocated in 1957, the building acted as the bank’s internal event venue for press conferences, general meetings and company parties. Now the building is once again open to the public for the first time in decades – exclusively for PRET A DINER guests.

A very special kind of location awaits you. Guests are received in the preserved glass and marble foyer on the ground floor, while the sweeping stairway to the upper floor brings the charm and elegance of post-war modernism momentarily back to life.

The bar in the spacious foyer on the upper floor offers the perfect ambience for both relaxation and celebration. The high-ceilinged Abs Hall, named after the bank’s legendary chairman Hermann Josef Abs, combines functional aesthetics and historic ambience to create the perfect setting for an unforgettable evening.

This is where FOUR Frankfurt will be building, Germany’s first high-rise quarter starting in 2018 – an architecturally outstanding building consisting of four, up to 228 meters high, towers with a unique mix of living, working and living spaces.

An extraordinary place for an extraordinary experience!

We are popping up in:
Junghofstraße 11
60311 Frankfurt am Main

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The Location is available for exclusiv booking after Pret A Diner until the end of 2017.

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