Once more we’ll take you on a voyage through adventurous artists, inspiring ideas and talented people. For that, Art Director Jihane Kofler has created THE EUPHORIUM, a dreamland where ART just makes you happy, where the audience is taking part.

“This time, we focused on “light” as an artistic medium between the space and his resonance. There will be 3D mapping, live painting, projections, art installations and environments. Visibility, perception, the production of meaning and interaction will be our fundamental parameters of our art. Working with objects and installations accompany by the use of projections, aiming to break down the boundaries and illuminate our visions…“

The artists participating

Alfonso Losco is a multidisciplinary artist born in Valladolid, Spain. Together with the artist NecKo, he is creating urban art side to side to national and international mythical figures. Pret a Diner presents their first public performance in this discipline after months of intense refinement and passion.

Maximillian Wiedemann has given “Urban Art” a whole new definition: Maximillian is commissioned by some of the most exclusive brands and celebrities to display his art in the hottest addresses in the world. He documents the habitat and Zeitgeist that surrounds us in the 21st century much as a 19th Century painter would do but using spray cans, screenprint, neon sculptures and installations.